Seoil UK Ltd was formed to service and develop the restaurant straw and industrial straw supply of Seoil Industrial Co.Ltd of Korea to the UK and European markets. 

Based in Preston, Lancashire, a dedicated and experienced team are available to service all your requirements for the supply of drinking straws and folding single use cutlery. With many years experience supplying the dynamic fast-food market we are confident that we can work with any prospective customer to offer the high standard of service and product that they require. 

Seoil Industrial’s production site is fully BRC / IoP Global Standard certified to ensure our products are of the highest quality for the food supply industry.  

The celebration of the 30th anniversary of Seoil Industrial in 2009 and the rapid growth achieved over this period is testament to the success of the company’s customer service. 

Seoil UK can supply bulk drinking straws, loose within your chosen outer packaging, or individually wrapped in paper or film.  

The Film wrap option is particularly secure as the wrap is non porous, avoiding contamination from spilt liquids, and can instantly indicate if the product has been tampered with before use.  

The film wrap has a patented easy open feature making access by the customer very simple and both the wrap and the straw are produced from high quality Polypropylene to assist in recycling. 

Why not have a look at our products page before contacting our office to discover the benefits we can offer your company.

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Seoil UK Ltd. is registered in England
Registration no. 6760977 Registered office – One Fleet Place, London, EC4M 7WS
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